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Thanksgiving is a time for bringing families together and creating memories. We are thankful and grateful for being able to spend time with family, good health, and so much more. Throughout the holiday season the Rick Cox Realty Team members like to share their traditions and favorite dishes. Here are some of our traditions during this holiday in this Q&A featuring Melanie Sutherland, Eleni Filippone, Rick Cox, & Kathy Hole:

Q: What are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?

Melanie – “Our family tradition  is to go to our friends' river house and cook the delicious meal together there.”

Eleni – “Getting the entire family together to enjoy our special turkey and stuffing with a special European recipe for stuffing with meat.”

Rick – “I am

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Wine has been the stipend of civilization, with the oldest winery found in Armenia in 4100 B.C. Spreading from Ancient Egypt to the Mediterranean, wine came to the New World with the conquistadors. It was the French that began cultivating wine in Virginia, ultimately setting the tone for future wineries in America. Wineries did not gain much popularity until Thomas Jefferson, Minister to France at the time, traveled to France and was inspired to open up a winery producing rich wines of his own in Monticello. Virginia today has 276 wineries in every region from the Heart of Appalachia to the Eastern Shore and Northern Virginia. Virginia Wines are borne from grape varieties of relative obscurity in comparison to traditional Wine traditions from the old

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Richmond is rich with culture and festivals celebrating the diversity of the area. Many types of festivals are celebrated each month with activities for all ages. As we move into November, Richmond continues to host a variety of events.

 Check out these upcoming festivals/events and their links for more information:


  •       2019 Greek Mini-Festival – Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral – 11/14-16

Bring the entire family to this indoor festival featuring Greek authentic cuisine, dancing, and specialty vendors.


  •       Inlight Richmond Festival & Lantern Parade – Chimbrazo Park – 11/15-16

Take a stroll and

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Sponsored by the ASPCA – if you are looking for a new pet, visit a local shelter to adopt your new furry friend. This National cause was established in 1981 in response to overcrowding of dogs and puppies in shelters. With around 3.3 million dogs entering shelters every year, come out and adopt and/or volunteer at your local shelter to help these cute pups find their new forever homes. 

Check out our local shelters in Richmond – 

  •       Richmond SPCA - 2519 Hermitage Rd, Richmond, VA 23220


  •       Richmond Animal League - 11401 International Dr, North Chesterfield, VA 23236


  •       Richmond Animal Care & Control - 1600 Chamberlayne Ave, Richmond, VA 23222

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National Chili month was established in October to keep us warm, as the weather begins to drastically get cooler. With the smell of spices, meat, and peppers simmering on our kitchen stoves, this dish can be made in so many ways, with so many different ingredients. Packed with protein, fiber, iron, and so much more, contributing to a healthy diet.

The first official bowl of chili can be found in the great, wild American West around the 1700s using local peppers and wild onions. The dish grew in popularity in  San Antonio, Texas with the Cowboys & Pioneers. Soon after, it was established as the “Poor Mans Meal” with the few ingredients it needed. Eventually, Chili could be found having its own stand at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago for all to

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Although your furry friend is a big part of your life and family, when it comes to selling your home, you can’t forget to make your home appealing on all families with or without furry friends!

Some pre-work needs to be completed before selling your home to show it at its best to potential buyers if you want to make sure you get top price for your home. Deep cleaning your home before putting it for sale is a must, as most of the cleaning can be due to our pet pals.  Some potential buyers may have pet allergies and you want to rid your home of any and all pet evidence to keep from turning away potential buyers.

These damages are easily overlooked as the time goes by living in your home. Although, when it comes to selling your home, it

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Believed to have originated in North America, Pumpkins have become the stipend of fall. As it integrated itself into the Celtic traditions &celebrations of Samhein, you could see the early uses of pumpkins being carved and put out with candles to welcome deceased loved ones on people's porches on the night of Halloween. Take part in the tradition of carving and lighting up your pumpkin, by checking out one of the Pumpkin Patches in your area below - 


  •       Gallmeyer Farms - 4506 Millers Ln, Richmond, VA 23231

Free activities - hayrides, spooky haunted house tours, a straw bale maze, a romping pile and a field full of pumpkins and a variety of fall favorites, such as Winter Squash, Indian

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As we move from the bright colors of summer into the autumn maroons of fall, it is time to start to get into the fall spirit and cozy up your home. See our favorite Fall decor essentials below!

Add a little color and a little warmth to your rooms with a blanket you can throw on your bed or family/living room. Add a blanket that will complement the main colors represented in the room. You want that blanket to pop! On a solid colored couch never be afraid to be bold and add a patterned blanket. There are also so many types of materials from Wool, Fleece, Cotton, Cashmere, Faux Fur and you can even try a heated blanket. Another plus to throw blankets is that it can cover worn furniture to bring life and make the room look bigger when you add

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Richmond is rich with culture and festivals celebrating the diversity of the area. Many types of festivals are celebrated each month with activities for all ages. As we move into October, Richmond continues to host a variety of events.

 Check out these upcoming festivals/events and their links for more information:

  • Richmond Folk Festival - Browns Island- 10/11-13

Bringing over 200,000 people together last year. Enjoy music, dance, crafts and delicious food!


  • 16th Louisa County Fall Harvest Festival – Walton Park – 10/12

Get the entire family together to enjoy crafts, face painting, hayrides, and lots of

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Sunday brunch in Richmond is a culinary experience if you are looking for a delicious and fulfilling meal to start your day. Originating in England in the 19th century, brunch did not find itself in the United States until the 1930s when Hollywood stars began having a late morning meal with a variety of drinks. With World War II encouraging women to work, on their Sundays off, women would often indulge in Sunday Brunch to get together with friends and family before returning to support their country the next day.

As time went on, many brunch venues continued to pop up and grow in popularity. Richmond is found to have many popular brunch destinations to this day.

Here are a few of the most popular in the area to try,

  • Sedona Taphouse - 
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