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Richmond is rich with culture and festivals celebrating the diversity of the area. Many different types of festivals are celebrated each month with activities for all ages. As we move into February, Richmond continues to host a variety of events.

Check out these upcoming festivals and their links for more information:

  • Poems After Dark at Blue Bee Cider - Summit Ave - 2/8

Bubbly cider, good company and readings/poems shared from 6 to 8 pm.

  • 2019 RVA Environmental Film Festival - Byrd Theatre - 2/3 through 2/16

Showcasing films to raise awareness on environmental issues. Tickets requried for some films, but is free to the public. 

  • River City Spirits Festival - Stony Point Pkwy - 2/16

Explore the taste of local…

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As the winter months continue on, the cold still has plenty of time to bring snow and freezing temperatures.  During this time, our mind is on that thermostat and how to keep the cost down, while not freezing in our own homes. Take a look at these tips and tricks in order to keep that electric bill low, without having to wear a winter coat and thirty layers inside.

The key to keeping a home warm without turning up your thermostat is adding natural moisture to the air. Adding moisture, increases heat retention, allowing heat to be stored in your home. House plants and a humidifier can do the job of adding that needed moisture in your homes,' air. Not to mention, House plants add a lively, inviting & natural atmosphere to your home which is…

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Built in 1928, you can find this historical spot in Carytown and still watch a film for only $4.00. When the theatre first opened to the public, you could purchase a ticket for only $0.50! Named after one of the founders of Richmond, William Byrd II, the Byrd Theatre has stood in its same original French Empire design from when it opened. When the theatre was opened it stood as one the Nation's Grand Movie Palaces. In it's lobby you can find hand painted murals stylized to appear as ancient Greek artistry. The large style of the building shows similarities with the beauty of a vast opera house.

The Byrd Theatre also features the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ - the theatre designates this as their "landmark within a landmark". Originally designed to…

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2019 continues to cater to the trend of adding ferns to your indoor plant collection. Ferns, Succulents and mosses can bring in a little bit of green into your interior decor, adding a little splash of natural color to your backdrops. Real plants can also purify the air in your home, removing toxins from the air you breath daily. The bigger the plant, the more of an effect it will have on your living environment. There has also been research conducted that having a plant in your home can boost your mood, giving off a positive effect. Whether you decide to purchase a fake or real plant, they can really add to the interior decor of your home. When purchasing false greenery, you want to focus on the authenticity of the plant, giving off a realistic…

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