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The yummy pretzel originates from stories throughout Europe - one of the most popular legends of the pretzels' origination stems from Italy where a Monk in 610 AD folded dough to resemble a person crossing their arms in prayer. He used this baked good to reward the children in his place of worship for learning their prayers. The legend calls these early Pretzels "Pretiola", which translates to "Little Rewards". The first sign of historical evidence of a pretzel was found in Germany in 1111. As pretzels gained popularity throughout the years, they became a sign of good luck and spiritual wholeness as the three holes in the pretzel represented the holy trinity from the Catholic religion. Pretzels would be found in many holiday events, from ornaments on…

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What an event! Our Client Appreciation Night Out went spectacularly thanks to coordinated efforts of our team!

We had an absolute blast hanging out with our Clients this past weekend at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery for our Client Appreciation Event! The turnout we had was more than any of us could have ever imagined - it was honestly unreal!

 I know both my team and I were extremely thankful, overjoyed and honored to have so many folks come out to see us! A serious and heartfelt THANK YOU is owed to all of our Clients, Friends, Families & Associates. Without you, we would not be the successful team we are today!

A big thanks goes out to all of our team members - without you, this wouldn't have been possible! 


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As April 12th celebrates National Grilled Cheese Day, you might be craving such a treat. Whether it is making one in your kitchen or finding your favorite grilled cheese spot in Richmond, here are some places you might want to try:

  • Cheezilla Restaurant & Food Truck - W. Broad St - Glen Allen

Voted into the Top 5 best Food Trucks in the Richmond-area by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, this gourmet Grilled Cheese is sure to help you celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day right! If you don’t catch the Food Truck, they also have a brick & mortar store located on West Broad. Check out their menu here:

  • Home Sweet Home - Carytown

Featuring specialty grilled…

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 Richmond is rich with culture and festivals celebrating the diversity of the area. Many different types of festivals are celebrated each month with activities for all ages. As we move into April, Richmond continues to host a variety of events.

  • A Million Blooms - Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden - 4/1 - 6/1

Voted one of the best botanical gardens in the nation, come and see the blooming spring gardens!

  • Richmond Flying Squirrels Baseball Games- The Diamond - 4/4-30

Enjoy Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball home games throughout the month of April!

  • The Bizarre Bazaar Spring Market- Richmond Raceway Complex - 4/5-7

A shopping experience for all your needs for Spring! From furniture to clothes, there are all sorts of…

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