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As the winter months continue on, the cold still has plenty of time to bring snow and freezing temperatures.  During this time, our mind is on that thermostat and how to keep the cost down, while not freezing in our own homes. Take a look at these tips and tricks in order to keep that electric bill low, without having to wear a winter coat and thirty layers inside.

The key to keeping a home warm without turning up your thermostat is adding natural moisture to the air. Adding moisture, increases heat retention, allowing heat to be stored in your home. House plants and a humidifier can do the job of adding that needed moisture in your homes,' air. Not to mention, House plants add a lively, inviting & natural atmosphere to your home which is somewhat lacking in the cold winter landscape - so count that as an added bonus!


Opening up the blinds and allowing that natural light to come in during daylight hours can really add some warmth to your home. As the sun sets make sure to close your blinds to keep that heat inside the home! In the Winter months, Sunlight is sometimes rare, so it's important to utilize it as much as possible to get the natural boost of heat in your home!

Adding some layers helps you stay warm while also not having to adjust your thermostat so much. Investing in a cozy pair of socks, a robe, or comfy and warm pajamas can make all the difference. Adding a couple of pieces of clothing can really help you stay warm in your home. Also, having a throw blanket a common spaces can always be a way to add some color to accent your furniture and keep yourself warm. You can add them to your family room, bedroom, and other spaces in your home. In your bedroom, you can even add some blankets to your bedding in order to add some extra layers.

During the winter months heat can escape and cold air can move into a home without insulation. Always start with walls, attic, and garage without insulation to look into to upgrade. Find those rooms with chilly drafts or the ones that you find are colder than others with the heat on. Those are the rooms you would want to insulate first. Insulation can really make a difference in your in the long run.

Running out of hot water after your family uses the shower once or twice? Consider wrapping your water heater with an insulation blanket to make it harder for heat to escape! An insulation blanket can be the difference between keeping or losing all your hot water in one 15-minute shower!

Want to avoid your pipes bursting? Covering your exposed water piping  near the exterior walls of your home with Polyethylene Foam Insulation will raise the freezing temperature of most pipes! Pay attention to pipes, heaters and other water-based utilities that are placed near outside walls as they are further away from the hearth of the home and are more at risk of freezing in these wintery temperatures.

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