FAQs - How do you prepare your home to sell with furry friends?


Although your furry friend is a big part of your life and family, when it comes to selling your home, you can’t forget to make your home appealing on all families with or without furry friends!

Some pre-work needs to be completed before selling your home to show it at its best to potential buyers if you want to make sure you get top price for your home. Deep cleaning your home before putting it for sale is a must, as most of the cleaning can be due to our pet pals.  Some potential buyers may have pet allergies and you want to rid your home of any and all pet evidence to keep from turning away potential buyers.

These damages are easily overlooked as the time goes by living in your home. Although, when it comes to selling your home, it could be something that could potentially draw away buyers. Simple fixes here and there can make the biggest difference:

  •       Scratched, torn or worn furniture/accessories – Easily replace, fix, or store it in a facility
  •       Scratched hardwood flooring or damaged flooring – Have a Professional service repair severe damage or try some deep cleaning methods to help showcase your beautiful floors
  •       Chew marks on window sills, walls, baseboards & cabinets – Replace and/or paint damage to minimize it
  •       Ripped blankets and curtains – Replace or put away


A Lot odors and stains can come from your carpets in your home. You want to make sure to deep clean your home to keep free of animal odor.

Some stains can be easily taken care of through renting a carpet cleaner or having a professional service come in. If the stains have seeped through the carpet it might be wise to get new carpet and covering underneath for an instant fix.

A fresh new coat of paint can remove any stains or markings on a wall. With new carpet and paint, it can make all the difference in giving your house the lift it needs to sell. 

Other ways to eliminate odors are the following:

  •       Remove fur and dander through vacuuming not only our carpet but couches. Even add a touch of baking powder, let it sit for a few hours, and vacuum it up to help neutralize any odors.
  •       Sweep and mop your homes wood/tile floors and use a scented cleaner to boost some fresh smells into your home, while removing odor and dirt
  •       Wash all the linens in your home from pillows, blankets to cushion covers. It also helps to wash your furry friends bed, to keep it fresh.
  •       Changing your homes air filters can help limit dust/dandruff build up and help recycle the air to lessen the odors. There are also filter scents you add to filter in classic smells like lavender or fresh linen.
  •       An air purifier can also help limit dander and debris and there are even purifiers that are made for pet odors. Another plus to air purifiers is that they kill bacteria and fungi in the air, reducing how often you and your furry friend get sick.

Sometimes if you have done all of the above and you still have not been able to get the smell out of your house, try pinpointing where the smell is coming from. Once you find where the cause is, then you attack it with the right cleaning solution.

Furry friends can sometimes wreak havoc in our yards. Attack this part of your property by ensuring it is crisp. This is the first and last thing buyers will see, so you want to make sure your home makes its best impression. 

  •       Pet waste is the first thing you want to attack, making sure there are no signs of it.
  •       Any exterior damage, such as torn/chewed doors and screens need to be repaired or replaced. Also, replacing any damaged boards in your fencing, as well.
  •       Address any signs of digging and damaged bushes/flowers to ensure your yard looks put together and doesn’t look messy to buyers.

In order to appeal to all buyers, remove all signs of your furry friend. Hide their kennel or crate and pick up all toys, bowls, beds, scratching posts, leashes, and pet houses. This can remove odors, as well, in your home. By removing these items, you can show the buyer a blank canvas for the potential home they may purchase as not all folks want to be pet owners.

While selling your house, the best way to limit new damage/smells is to have a friend or pet friendly housing watch your furry friend. This limits the stress of up keeping your home and will give you flexibility when it comes to home showings. Additionally, consider how a constant environmental change can affect your pet. When they are with a pet-sitter, they are likely more comfortable than they would be if they were in a home with constant visitors who would be seeing the home.

If you want to keep your furry friend close, then make sure that during home showings your furry friend is crated. Not everyone knows your pet and your pet is not comfortable with everyone. To ensure that your pet and buyers feel comfortable, crating your pet will be the best option. 


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