Adding Color to a Room through Indoor Plants


2019 continues to cater to the trend of adding ferns to your indoor plant collection. Ferns, Succulents and mosses can bring in a little bit of green into your interior decor, adding a little splash of natural color to your backdrops. Real plants can also purify the air in your home, removing toxins from the air you breath daily. The bigger the plant, the more of an effect it will have on your living environment. There has also been research conducted that having a plant in your home can boost your mood, giving off a positive effect. Whether you decide to purchase a fake or real plant, they can really add to the interior decor of your home. When purchasing false greenery, you want to focus on the authenticity of the plant, giving off a realistic effect and the selection of the vase. Going to T.J.Maxx, HomeGoodsAt Home, Amazon and many other stores is where you can hunt for the right plant decor for your space.  

If you want to go through purchasing and caring for a real plant, do some research before your purchase. Learn about the plants needs and the amount of sunlight intake it will require. Depending on the space you want to add your greenery to, it can determine whether you should purchase a real or fake plant.  If you have a space that is well lit with natural light, a real plant can fit in quite nicely, but if you are decorating a space with limited to no light, it might be more convenient to purchae a fake plant. 

Some of my favorite plants to decorate a space are succulents and ferns. They can range in size and add a personal touch to shelves, tables, and window sills. Depending on your space's paint color you can range the vase holding your plant from a neutral color to patterns.Not only are you limited to plants, but succulents and ferns have also taken the form of artwork too. You can add frames to your home with water-colored plant art to add that color to a room, yet have a soft effect. 

For me personally, plants (both fake and real) really help to add life to rooms around my own house and within the homes I stage before bringing them onto the real estate market. There is something enticing and homey about the natural contrast of the neutral colors of a home accented with the green, vibrant and life-filled plants you can fill them with! 


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